Relief or Corrective Care?

Getting to the Root of the Problem 

What is Relief Care?

Relief care is that care necessary to get rid of your symptoms or pain, but not the cause of it.  It is like drying a floor that is getting wet from a leak, but not fixing the leak.

What is Corrective Care?

Corrective care differs from relief care in that its goal is to get rid of the pain or symptoms while correcting the cause of the problem.  Corrective care requires a comprehensive diagnosis and a treatment strategy that works with the whole person.  Corrective care varies in its length or time, but the results are more lasting.

Why choose only Relief?

Many times a person chooses relief care ONLY due to failure to understand the benefits of corrective care.  Corrective care can cost less over time while leading to a more stable and permanent result.

What is the difference between relief and corrective care?

The difference between relief care and corrective care can be illustrated by the following.  Let’s say your house has a leaky basement because your rain gutters are full of holes.  For relief care you could buy a dehumidifier and run it to dry the basement every time after a heavy rain.  Not only do you have to put up with a wet basement when it rains and the expense of running the dehumidifier,  but you also run the long term risk of having the foundation gradually washed out by the water.  After you replace the rain gutters you not only realize how nice it is to have a dry basement, but also feel the relief of knowing that the foundation is secure.  Although the new rain gutters cost more initially, they save you money in inconvenience in the long run and even more importantly they secure the foundation of your house.

How Long Does Corrective Care Take?

Not everyone can reach complete correction.  Sometimes a person’s problem has reached a point that complete correction is impossible.  Your acupuncturist will inform you of the severity of your problem and if correction is possible.  If complete correction is not possible, then a program to bring your health up to its greatest potential will be explained.

If correction is possible, it normally takes a period of intensive care followed by a period of stabilization.  Correcting a person’s function is similar to pouring cement into a mold.  If you remove the mold before the cement hardens, you lose the object you wanted to create.

After the intensive phase of corrective care with two or three visits per week,  visits are reduced to twice or once per week, then once every two weeks, then once every month.  These continued visits hold your functional improvements in the way your organs function and energy flows.  Your acupuncturist can best determine your individual needs.

Great Reasons To Continue Care

Continue Your Progress:  Oriental Medical treatments resolve the root imbalances in the body that cause symptoms to arise.  Resolving these imbalances takes longer than it takes to relieve symptoms, but it improves the foundation of your health and assures that the symptoms do not return to be treated again.  Continuing care encourages your body to heal completely and faster in the long run than on-again, off-again treatments.

If You Choose Relief Care

If your choice is to receive relief care, please inform your acupuncturist.  Three arrangements are necessary to receive full benefit from this care phase.

  1. Once You Feel Better…Please discuss your termination with the acupuncturist.  He may be able to advise you of dietary or lifestyle changes that will lengthen the period of relief.
  2. Do Not Dismiss Yourself…Once relief has been obtained, inform your acupuncturist and a no cost re-examination will be done to update your records.
  3. A Checkup – A Must…We will schedule you for a checkup within several months to detect any potential return of the problem.

If You Choose Corrective Care

Your acupuncturist will work with you to set up a treatment plan tailored to your individual situation.  You have chosen to reverse your body’s progression toward imbalance and disease and are taking steps to return to health and vitality.