I am Dr. Richard Betts. I currently reside in Preston, IA.  As of September 4th, 2012 I opened a new clinic in downtown Preston, IA.  It gives me great pleasure to return to my home in the Midwest.  The friendliness and values of a small Midwest town is very comforting in a world that seems to be getting more violent on a daily basis.  I spend very little time watching TV or listening to news that sensationalizes the negative aspects of the world.  My new office is a peaceful serene place where clients will be immersed in calming colors of green, gold and yellow, sounds of splashing water from the fountains that are located in each room and smells of essential oils that waft through the space.

I am a doctor who works only with alternative healing modalities specifically Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Nutrition.  I partner with medical doctors often getting referrals for patients that the doctor has tried everything in his/her arsenal and have been unsuccessful in the resolution of patient ailments.  This type of work gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to see patients regain their lives by eliminating the pain and ailments that hold them back from reaching their full potential. With the eastern medicine of acupuncture and the western medicine of chiropractic I'm able to see the human form in a much different light then either a western clinician or eastern clinician alone would. 

This web blog is to inform my readers about many aspects of healing.  It addresses current topics and provides an alternative view point to main stream media.  If you have any comments on the articles that you read please leave them in the comment section. If you have a personal question that might be more appropriately addressed in an email please feel free to email me your questions and I will answer them within 24 to 48 hours so that you may enjoy health and well being.  If you are in or near Preston, IA please call for an appointment so we can create health and happiness for you.  

I currently have patients who travel 60 miles one way to get to my office.  They are getting phenomenal results that they had not been able to receive from past medical practitioners.  I will definitely make it worth your time to travel to my office.  I hope to see you soon.  Have a pain free healthy day.

By appointment only please contact the office at 563-689-4560.