Terry W.

"Before I started the Cosmetic Acupuncture procedures I had hopes that I would look better and in that I would feel better about myself.  Little did I know the world of benefits that I would receive both internally as well as externally.

After the first session you will begin to gain benefits that you never would have imagined.  In my case the following benefits have been received in my health throughout the procedures.  My acid reflux is gone.  I used to take a Prilosec daily now I am free of the chemical as well as the reflux.  Additionally I had low back pain that has been improving daily and it is so good to not have the back pain daily.  My digestion has been greatly improved as well.  I have had daily sinus issues that have completely gone away.  I have suffered with Asthma for all of my life but since starting the procedures I am so improved that I have cut my medication in this area by 3/4 and am doing amazingly well. 

One other thing that I have noticed is that you receive so much benefit from this procedure that little aches and pains that you had before are gone and you wake up one morning and think wow the arthritis in my thumb is gone.  This was my case.
As far as my appearance...this is also amazing.  My outer 1/3 of my eyebrows lost the hair and would not grow back.  Now they have grown back and it’s amazing how fast it grew and how full they are now.  My complexion is clearer as well.  Prior to my sessions I would break out on my forehead and across my nose and this was on a daily basis.  Now my complexion is clear and getting better every day.  The dark circles under my eyes have gotten so much better and are continuing to get better every day.  My laugh lines have greatly reduced and my skin tone and appearance has been enhanced.
I have a general sense of well being and I would recommend this process to anyone who wants to look better but in addition to feel better as well.
I would also like to comment on Dr. Betts.  I have been truly amazed and impressed by his knowledge but in addition his caring for his patients.  Here is a health care professional who listens to his patients, cares about them and treats them like he would like to be treated.  He also follows up with you to make sure you don’t have any questions and to check on how you are feeling.  In this day and age this is unheard of.  Here is a Dr. that doesn’t rush you through, who actually let’s you talk and doesn’t interrupt you because he is too busy to listen to your symptoms.  Here is a health care professional who truly wants you to be well and works to not only find the cause of your problems but to remove the issue to get you back to health.
In closing I can say that if you want to look better and feel better then Dr. Betts and Cosmetic Acupuncture are for you.  You should invest in your health and this is the way to do it."
Terry W. Before and After Cosmetic Acupuncture