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Can Junk Food Be Healthy?

It is amazing that this question was even given air time on the 'Today' show on March 8, 2007. The report demonstrated how different junk food corporations are seeing that people are demanding more nutrition and want to stay healthy. These corporations have introduced whole wheat, omega 3, vitamin C, and whole grains into their products. Krispy Kreme has now given their customers a choice to purchase regular white flour donuts or whole wheat donuts. Either way it is still a donut that has been deep fried in a vat of animal fat. This would be considered a junk food even with the whole wheat added. The same holds true with the ice cream that has introduced Omega 3's, the kids sugary snack that has been fortified with Vit. C, and the whole grain addition to candy bars.

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The First Entry

There are so many things going on in the world. Although many are negative there are so many more that are positive. Each day we come closer and closer to understanding why we are here on earth. Each day we get closer to understanding the universe. Each day we answer one question only to replace it with no less than 10 more.

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