Now that I live in a farming community predominantly growing GMO corn I felt the need to educate my readers on the pitfalls of the very new science of Genetically Modifying plants used for human and animal consumption.  There are currently thousands of physicians that are advising their patients to avoid eating anything that is Genetically Modified or contains Genetically Modified food stuff.  The disturbing truth of how high risk GMO’s got into our food is shocking.  By removing these foods from your diet you may even help yourself Get and Stay Healthy.

Many individuals associate hybridization and GMO’s as the same thing.  In fact that is not even close to the truth.  Hybridization is taking particular attributes of the same species and integrating it into the plant to create a different plant of the same species.  A GMO is taking a completely different species and injecting DNA into another species.  An example would be taking bacteria DNA such as clostridium botulinum and injecting it into corn with the purpose of creating a corn plant that produces a toxin that when an insect bites into it the insect is poisoned and dies.  If nature were left alone for trillions of years bacteria and corn would never exchange DNA however, science has created this possibility.  Unfortunately, the result is increased disease  primarily gastrointestinal in nature to begin with.

GMO’s were quietly slipped into the food 20 years ago.  The FDA was convinced that GMO’s weren’t that much different than the original plant so they quietly okayed companies like Monsanto to develop pest and herbicide resistant plants.  Further, Monsanto convinced the FDA that since there was very little difference between the real corn and the genetically modified corn that there would be no reason to require labels or even a single safety study from the GMO makers.

A law suit forced the FDA to release their files on GMO’s and the truth came out.  FDA scientists repeatedly warned that GMO consumption could in fact create allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems and they

further recommend that safety testing was needed.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  The White House had instructed the FDA to promote biotechnology and Monsanto’s former attorney Michael Taylor was put in charge of FDA policy.  Later Taylor became Monsanto’s chief lobbyist after leaving the FDA.  But wait it gets better.  Now he has returned to the FDA as US Food Czar.

Should you trust your family’s health to Monsanto the same company that espoused that Agent Orange, DDT and PCB’s were safe?  Now Monsanto has released their Roundup ready crops that are supposed to withstand their Roundup herbicide.  Unfortunately, the herbicide does get absorbed by the plant and therefore finds its way into our food.  This toxin cannot be washed off.

A 2014 study was conducted on Roundup and found that it was the most toxic of all herbicides and insecticides that were tested.  Stephanie Seneff, an MIT scientist reported that “Roundup may be the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions”.  She also coauthored a seminal paper linking Roundup to obesity, heart disease, inflammatory bowel, IBS, autism, allergies, MS, Parkinson’s, depression, infertility Alzheimer’s and cancer.

GMO corn specifically has a toxin that breaks and creates holes in the stomach of insects and therefore killing them.  In 2012 a laboratory study showed that the toxin in the corn did in fact open holes in human cells.  A Canadian study found that blood of most pregnant women and their fetuses contained toxin and Roundup.  You don’t trust GMO’s?  You’re not alone as a 2013 survey was conducted by Hartman Group and found over 120 million Americans say they try to avoid GMO containing products.  This number has more than doubled since 2007.

By eliminating GMO’s patients report more energy, weight loss, better digestion, reduced allergies and skin conditions, and relief from numerous chronic conditions.  It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that the rise of these types of health issues in the US correlates with the use of GMO’s and Roundup.  Another interesting fact is that independent studies also show that GMO’s don’t increase yields, don’t solve world hunger and massively increase  herbicide use.

Most recently the FDA is considering approving GMO salmon as well as letting GMO mosquitoes loose n the Florida Keys.  With the countless number of GMO plants, animals, fish, insects and bacteria being developed in labs around the world each of these could contaminate the gene pool to the point of disaster.

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