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Earth was created with life forms and the building blocks in order to sustain these life forms.  These building blocks are pre-packaged with biochemical’s providing fuel and rebuilding nutrients for the body.  This is known as food.  An ingenious plan was designed to create food sources consisting of fuel and the biochemical’s needed for the body to burn the fuel for energy.  Sources of food further contain building blocks so the body can continue to rebuild itself and the biochemical’s used to create the biochemical messenger system – hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters – that run the functions of the body.

The body is in a constant recycle mode where broken down old worn cells, organs, tissues, and biochemical messengers are using building blocks to rebuild fresh new replacement cells, organs, tissue and biochemical messengers.  So if this is taking place constantly then why do we see a greater number of malfunctioning, broken down bodies, which seems to be happening to more and more people at younger and younger ages?  The number one reason for this decline is due to supplying the body with increasingly depleted and inferior recycling material in the form of poor quality, dead and devitalized food.  Not to mention synthetic dead imitation ‘Nutritional’ supplements.  In the last 100 years our food has been remade and not for the better.

Farming has gone from farmers being good stewards of the land ensuring that it had excellent nutrient content year after year to beginning in the 1950’s using petrochemical-based farming which has depleted most American soil to almost no nutritional value.  With hybrid plants and genetically modified plant foods plants are no longer grown for nutrition.  These plants are grown more for visual appeal and pesticide resistance and with this focus nutrition density and quality have significantly decreased. 

The little nutrients that do exist in grown food are stripped out during the refining and packaging so that the food will have a higher shelf life.  It’s interesting to note that most bugs and rats will not touch this devitalized high shelf life food that most Americans consume.  Please understand that the nutrients that are stripped away are actually the nutrients that the body requires for proper metabolism, energy and rebuilding.  These devitalized foods can now be classified as anti-nutrients, in that they require your body to provide the nutrients to metabolize them.  So you end up with a negative amount of nutrients and the body has to beg, steal and barrow nutrients from itself in order to metabolize the devitalized food.

When the body senses a depletion of important nutrients entering this is known as depletion.  Most people have some varying degree of depletion and biochemical functions and the creation of new body parts grinds to a halt.  This results in various versions of fatigue, breakdown, degeneration and various diseases such as adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and hypothyroidism.   An example of a horribly devitalized food is white bread.  Once the nutrients are removed the manufacturer ‘enriches’ with a handful of synthetic imitation vitamins plus some indigestible minerals sprayed back onto it.  The sad issue is that the original wheat contains about 100 nutrients some of which are known and some of which are unknown but all are helpful to the health of the body.  This is an analogy I like to use.  Enriching foods is like stealing $1000 from you and enriching you back with $6.  In reality you have been nutritionally mugged, beaten up and left to die and not enriched.

Nature designed us to eat live food with all of the nutrients still in their living intact form.  This intact vital food in turn provides nutrients to revitalize and rebuild our bodies.  Unfortunately, most of the American population is eating dead, devitalized foods with synthetic imitations of nutrients.  With this type of food our bodies are supposed to literally bring this dead food to a living state and incorporate it into our bodies.  Hopefully you understand how difficult this truly is.

Lastly, studies show that the synthetic imitations of vitamins sprayed back onto the devitalized food are disease-causing!  I always recommend my patients shop on the perimeter of the supermarket.  This is where the produce, meats and dairy products are located on the outside of the supermarket.  Although the meats and dairy can also cause disease due to the antibiotics and devitalized food the animals are fed I recommend people only purchase organic when possible.

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